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Pau d'Arco and C. Diff

The term C. diff is a short form of C. difficile, which is the name of a bacteria. In this case, it refers to an infection of that particular bacteria. If a person has this in his body, and a course of antibiotics kills off other bacteria that would have competed with it, then it can lead to serious issues.

Pau d'Arco and C. diff

Are you wondering how this herb relates to this particular infection? There is no evidence from research (known to this author) that proves C. diff can be treated with Pau d'Arco. Some people have made claims that the herb attacks this bacteria while leaving alone others that are considered beneficial.

That aside, keep in mind that for C. diff treatment, a doctor often prescribes certain antibiotics. Pau d'Arco is often recommended by herbalists as something to be taken when a person goes through a course of antibiotics. For one, this is intended to keep away yeast infections that might show up when taking this type of medication. In addition to that, some people just think that Pau d'Arco is useful for general health.

What to do?

Have a conversation with your doctor about Pau d'Arco and its potential use in your situation involving C. diff, whether related to the illness itself or as a measure against side effects of the medication you take. Don't try to self-prescribe what you think might be useful, especially based on what you read on this website.

More about C. diff

In general, pain in the abdomen is one of the common symptoms of this illness. If the patient is experiencing a significant level of diarrhea, this can also be a sign. In this situation, the diarrhea is newly-occurring, and occurs at least three times within 24 hours. Having a fever is one of the other potential symptoms. Whether or not the person has had antibiotics lately is something that can be taken into consideration when the doctor makes a determination based on signs that potentially point to this condition.

As far as actually receiving a diagnosis, there are different methods. Culture, various tests of the the stools, and imaging (CT scan) are some of the options. Once this is diagnosed, then there are various methods of treatment, including medication, surgery, etc.

The same rule applies here as to treatment with Pau d'Arco: if you're wishing to learn about C. diff, talk with a medical doctor. Information provided here is not professional in its type, and not applicable to a person's specific situation.

You can read about Pau d'Arco in general at the main page, or view information on other claims of health benefits.

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