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Pau d'Arco and Diabetes

There are many health benefits which are credited by some people as being enjoyed through the taking of Pau d'Arco. One of these is treatment for diabetes. However, keep in mind that this is not intended to replace any current treatments you may be taking. In fact, talk with a doctor before you start using Pau d'Arco for diabetes, to make sure that it is acceptable for you in your current situation.

Let's look at diabetes a little bit. There are a few major types, and on this page two of them are considered. Of course, because of this, there will be people with this illness who do not fit into either of the categories considered.

Type 1 Diabetes

This form (T1) is also known as the juvenile kind. It comes due to an autoimmune attack that hits certain cells in the person's pancreas. This results in a lack of insulin, leading to blood sugar levels that are higher than normal. It can result in a variety of symptoms, amongst which are exhaustion, urinating more often, having a greater level of hunger, and having a raised level of thirst.

T1 diabetes is treated through the administration of insulin. This typically takes place by injections. Other management methods are used in addition to this, in order to treat the illness. For instance, the diabetic patient typically monitors blood sugar levels frequently, and keeps track of his diet (often by recording the amount of carbs ingested). Again, to clarify, do not include Pau d'Arco in your treatment regimen unless getting the go-ahead to do so by a professional.

Type 2 Diabetes

This kind, which is referred to here as T2, is also called the adult-onset form. It accounts for the vast majority of cases of diabetes. In this medical condition, the person has a resistance to insulin, and on a relative level, a lack of it. Weight loss is one of the potential symptoms of this illness. Moreover, increased urinary frequency can result, along with a greater level of both thirst and hunger.

For treatment of T2 diabetes, getting more exercise is something that is often prescribed. Changes to the diet are typically implemented. You may have heard of the phrase "diabetes diet." In some situations, medication is used, including insulin. Surgery to reduce weight is sometimes performed on those who are obese.

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Speak with someone who is qualified to offer such advice if you would like to have Pau d'Arco be one of the things you use for treatment of this condition. Be sure to consider precautions and side effects when making a decision, and ask the professional for further information on those as well.

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