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Pau d'Arco Forms

Pau d'Arco can be purchased in various forms. Examples are provided on this page. Whichever form you do decide to use, be sure that it is made from the inner bark of the Tabebuia tree.


Perhaps the most commonly-referenced form of Pau d'Arco is tea. This kind can be found loose, as well as already separated into bags. If in bags, the amount of bark in each one might be in the neighborhood of 2 grams. The actual amount in each one can vary significantly from one brand to the next, though.


Another way in which Pau d'Arco can be purchased is in capsules. In this, the herbal medicine is contained inside of a shell.


A Pau d'Arco tincture is a liquid that includes this herb in it. It can include alcohol, but does not necessarily, as there are other liquids that can be used. Note that some liquids used in tinctures are not to be ingested. The common way that most tinctures are made is by placing the herb in question in the alcohol, and after a matter of weeks they are taken out. There may be overlap in meaning between a liquid extract and a tincture.


A tablet is often made from a dry, powdery substance. Along with the active substance(s) found in one, frequently an inactive substance (or more than one) is also part of the tablet. In medicine in general, this is a common way in which the item is ingested.


If you're ready to make a purchase, you can visit our page that displays some online locations where you might buy Pau d'Arco. You can also return to the main page for other information about Pau d'Arco, or visit a specific page for more details, such as how the herb is claimed by some to be useful in cases of Candida infections.

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