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Pau d'Arco and H. Pylori

It has been claimed that Pau d'Arco shows action that may make it useful as an H. pylori herbal remedy. What is H. pylori? It is merely an abbreviated name for a bacteria known as helicobacter pylori. It is commonly found in a patient's stomach, and can cause a wide range of issues. For instance, this bacteria may be the medical cause of various ulcers, chronic gastritis, and even cancer of the stomach.

It is not surprising that Pau d'Arco has been claimed as possibly being effective in dealing with H. pylori, since the same has been said for bacteria in general. As always, speak with your doctor concerning the possibility of using this as an herbal remedy, as well as for all forms of medical advice, as this site does not provide such information.

Possible Symptoms

It is estimated that around half of the world's population is infected with H. pylori, however, in most cases no symptoms are produced. However, based on the stage of the infection, as well as any complications it may have led to, some may be noted. For instance, the person could be nauseated. Pain in the abdomen may also be a presentation of this condition. Abdominal bloating can also occur. Apparently, bad breath is another issue that some individuals with this infection deal with. Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and these issues can also be caused by other conditions.


People who have this condition may be at an increased risk for several issues. As an example, there is a risk of developing stomach cancer. Moreover, stomach ulcers may occur. H. pylori may also cause inflammation of the stomach lining, a condition known as gastritis.

How Is H. Pylori Diagnosed?

For diagnosis, one would get in touch with a medical doctor. There are multiple options as far as testing is concerned. Some patients may simply take a blood test and see whether it indicates an infection. There is also a test that uses a stool sample, as well as one that check's the person's breath after he has consumed urea given by the individual administering the test. Aside from these methods, your physician may mention other ones.

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