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Pau d'Arco Inner Bark

The inner bark is the portion of the Tabebuia tree that is used for medicinal purposes. When you are purchasing Pau d'Arco in bark form, you may wish to check whether the seller or packaging states that the product is inner bark.

At this point, let's take a moment to consider some of the forms that Pau d'Arco inner bark can be sold as (including where there is no longer bark, but something had been taken or extracted from it prior to being made into the final product).


Both loose bark and tea bags are available. When found in bags, the maximum dosage is 4 bags (typically made into 1 liter) per day -- see more details regarding length of time for taking this dosage on the cautions page. Each tea bag is roughly 2 grams, so is using loose bark this comes out to about 8 grams, maximum, as a daily dose.


Capsules can also be used to hold Pau d'Arco. In this situation, the product is simply housed in the outer casing. The person taking the herbal medicine can then swallow the capsule, perhaps along with water.


In a sense, tablets are similar to capsules, in that they are typically swallowed. However, rather than being encased in something, the typical composition of a tablet is that inactive ingredients are added to the active ingredient that is found in that particular item.

Tincture / Extract

These two forms, tincture and extract, both involve liquid. At times, there may be little (if any) distinction made between the two. Many instances of these forms involve alcohol as a base along with the extract -- typically, to be considered a tincture, the extract must include at least 40 percent alcohol. In some cases, other things are used besides the alcohol. However, some of the different ingredients are not meant to be ingested.

Purchasing or learning more

When you're ready to make a purchase, you're welcome to visit our buying page, which links to different forms of Pau d'Arco. If you'd like to read more about this herbal medicine, you can head back to the home page. Additionally, you are able to go straight to a page detailing some of the proposed medical benefits of Pau d'Arco.

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