Pau d'Arco and Parasites

Pau d'Arco has a use in fighting against a selection of parasites. Some possibilities are briefly discussed here. Of course, please talk with your doctor if you need treatment for one of these, and don't base your decision on how to treat such a condition based on the details you read on this website.


This parasitic infection is transmitted through mosquito bites. Symptoms can include things such as headache, joint pain, fever, and more. Anemia can also result from it. Severe cases of this illness can lead to coma and ultimately death. Do not use Pau d'Arco as your primary treatment. Talk with a medical professional to find a proper treatment method, and only use Pau d'Arco (as a supplementary part of treatment) if the physician says that you can do so.


This parasite causes a condition known as schistosomiasis. In many cases, snails hold these parasites until they reach a human. Infection can lead to various symptoms. For instance, the person might experience abdominal pain. Exhaustion is another possibility. The spleen and the liver can both become enlarged. Diarrhea is one of the other potential symptoms of schistosomiasis. Moreover, the patient with this infection might have a cough. Although this condition does not lead to mortality at a high rate, it commonly is a chronic disease that can lead to serious health issues. Do not treat this parasitic infection with Pau d'Arco, but rather with what a doctor prescribes. If he says you may use it in conjunction with a main treatment that he gives you, then that is acceptable.


This type of parasite leads to an infection known as trypanosomiasis. Different types of the disease -- for instance, it may be transmitted by either the tsetse fly or assassin bug (Carrying the brucei or cruzi forms, respectively). The former leads to what is sometimes known as "sleeping sickness," while the latter causes what is referred to as Chagas disease. Without proper treatment, the sleeping sickness type becomes fatal, and in many situations that ends up being the case with Chagas disease as well. Therefore, as with the other conditions mentioned, do not rely on Pau d'Arco as the method of treatment for such a condition, but talk with a doctor in order to find a professionally-prescribed treatment. Only use Pau d'Arco in such a case if the doctor allows it as a secondary part of your treatment.

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