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At, your privacy is an important issue. This document has been prepared to show you how your private information is used, and how it is protected. On this website, we do collect some types of of information on our visitors, and it is important that you understand the conditions which surround the collection and usage of such details. uses tracking to collect information about website visitors; in ways such as by noting particular page views, keeping track of point of entry and exit, recording referring pages, and spotting trends based upon demographics. This information is recorded in order that we may provide a more efficient website which caters to the needs of our visitors, in groups and as a whole. You may have heard methods that we use referred to in ways such as "server logs" and "traffic analysis tools."

All personal information that we collect at shall remain confidential, unless certain situations determine that it is not to be kept private. may disclose personal information, email address, IP address, or other information, where required by law. If required by United States federal, state, or local authorities, shall disclose information. In the event that a visitor abuses the service, we reserve the right to inform third parties (such as, but not limited to, Internet service providers and law enforcement) and include personal information. No personal information will be sold or traded by, unless such disclosure is consented to by members involved.

On the website, outside advertisements may be displayed, and third parties may put and read cookies on your browser, as well as use web beacons to take in information, in this process. Web browsers commonly accept cookies in their default settings, but can be changed to reject cookies from all websites or only from particular ones. Typically, these options are set by altering privacy settings in your browser's configuration. You are also able to manually delete cookies from your computer's web browser.

Specifically, Google may use what is known as the DoubleClick DART cookie to serve ads to you based upon your visit to this site and other sites which employ this DART cookie. You may opt out of your own use of the DART cookie at this Google advertising and privacy page.

Following what is known as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998, never knowingly requests personally identifiable information from individuals under the age of 13, without first receiving parental consent. If you are under the age of 13, you must receive written parental consent and have the parent or guardian scan a copy and send it to by email before using this website or its forum, or contacting us by email.

Emails that you send to may be reprinted, in part or in whole, and may be edited for content, grammar, spelling or brevity. They may be placed on this website or elsewhere. While we may use your first name, your full name, email address, and other personal information will not be disclosed should we choose to reprint your email.

By making use of the website, you consent to collection and usage of your personal information as described in this statement. The conditions of the Privacy Policy are subject to change at any time. Should any modifications to the site's Privacy Policy be enacted, they will be noted on this page.

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